What’s it like to be a School Rep?

BCUSU Welcome Week 2018

What’s it like to be a School Rep?

I’ve always loved working within my School, the staff are fantastic and the students are so much fun to work alongside, and to represent. It’s great fun working as a School Rep as you not only get to represent the students within your school you regularly have the opportunity to engage with students, and staff at various levels within the University. (Representing your School is a really good job as you are able to draw upon your own experiences, and represent your peers.)

I never expected how much I’d do when taking on this role. As a School Rep I had the chance to attend regular Board of Study meetings within the School – speaking and dealing with issues on behalf of the students. In addition to this I attended regular Faculty-level meetings, and was a member of several Task and Finish groups, in which I worked alongside staff to develop and nurture Student Experience within my faculty. I worked alongside other School Reps and Associate Deans to develop the role, as well as regularly working with Student Academic Leaders.

Through my role as a School Rep I’ve been offered several really cool opportunities – for example: I was asked to sit in on the panel when new potential staff members (at different levels within the faculty) were interviewed– which was very interesting. It was great to have my perspective heard and to meet with the candidates. It also helped me learn more about higher education, quality assurance and so forth… so that was a plus!

I’ve had a great time being School Rep – I really do love the staff and students within the University – and this role really does help in making a difference within the school. Moreover, I really enjoyed being able to work with and represent the students (they bombarded me a lot, but they’re all lovely so it’s fine!) Also, I did ask them a lot of questions…

I regularly ran Student Feedback forums, alongside the other representatives and relevant staff – we made these forums informal and relaxed, and we gave students a space to voice any issues, concerns or general matters that affected their university experience.

This role allowed me to work around my studies, and I was in complete control of the job. Which was really unique – I was able to suggest ideas and actions plans, implementing them in my own way. I was able to take on so many different tasks, and I was given a lot of free coffee and cake. (I guess that last point depends on how cool the staff are in your school haha!)

Interacting and engaging with students is a key part of this role – you’ll be representing them and allowing their voices to be heard. During my time as a School Rep I decided that the best way to get in touch with students within my school was through social media, students were able to send me queries and concerns and I was able to tackle them straight away. Interestingly this led to local media and creative companies getting in contact with me with the intention to hire and offer students placements – which I was able to organise with staff within the School. It was great to not just represent the students within the School of Media but to actively enhance their university experience. I had a blast working as a School Rep, everyone within my School, the Faculty and the Students’ Union made it an incredibly fun, relaxed and fulfilling role.

Applications to become a School Rep are now OPEN! To learn more and apply click here. (deadline: 8th October 2015)