Top 5 tips to be a Savvy Spender!

BCUSU Welcome Week 2018

Top 5 tips to be a Savvy Spender!

Whether or not you’re feeling the pinch there’s nothing better than saving a bit of money. Here’s our Student Advice team’s top 5 tips to being a savvy spender:

5. Avoid credit and store cards!

Don’t have an income? You may find it difficult to repay the debts incurred on credit and store cards. As soon as you can’t repay your debts the interest on them will build quickly leaving you owing serious cash. Stay clear!

4. Purchase a travel pass!

Are you a regular bus or train user? You’ll save a bucket load if you purchase a travel card. Did you know, a student bus pass can save you over £300? Don’t forget, full-time students, of any age, can get 1/3 off train fares with a 16-25 railcard.

3. Get help with health costs!

Students aren’t automatically exempt from paying for health costs such as prescriptions and dental charges, but you can apply for support on the basis of your low income. To do so you’ll need to fill out a HC1 form. These are available from your Students’ Union, University Student Services or ring 0845 610 1112 for a copy.

2. Buy an NUS Extra card!

An NUS Extra card costs just £12 and entitles you to exclusive discounts with the likes of Amazon, Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Buy it at your Students’ Union reception or online.

1. Budget! Budget! Budget!

Stay in control of your expenditure and ensure you’re not left without cash. Try the online budget calculator tailored just for BCU students. Keep it simple and organise exactly what you have to spend and stick to it.

Remember, if you need further advice and support on this matter please contact our student Advice centre.