My Welcome Week

BCUSU Welcome Week 2018

My Welcome Week

Moving away from home to university was one of the best decisions I made. It’s a huge transition, but the Students’ Union at BCU were so active and engaging, I was encouraged to get involved in everything.

I was pretty unorganised beforehand and waited until moving in day to purchase any welcome week tickets, but the welcome week ambassadors were on hand to sort me out so I didn’t miss out on a thing! If you have any issues when you move in, I would recommend looking out for those guys. They’re second or third years employed by the Students’ Union to help you in Welcome Week. I got involved in it in my third year; it was a great way to act like I was a first year again and get paid for it!

In my three years there, I’ve learnt more about how the Students’ Union cater for more than just those who want to go out. Make sure you look out for ‘Give It A Go’, which is a part of the Union who offer different activities in the daytime. Last year they set up bubble football (which is the best thing since sliced bread) outside Millennium Point.

The Welcome Fair is a must aswell. It’s your chance to see what the Students’ Union has to offer in terms of societies and sports teams, not to mention all manner of free stuff you’re given. At Welcome Fair in my second year I signed up to the football team and haven’t looked back. The only regret I had was not doing it in my first year. Just by putting my name and number down on a sheet, I started playing regular football again and met friends for life there. The chances are that you’ll be feeling slightly worse for wear the morning of the Welcome Fair but last year, Domino’s were giving out free pizza; you literally have no excuse.

My best advice for any first year coming to university would be to get involved with the Students’ Union in any way possible. They have so much to offer and the chances are there’s something right for you to join. Playing football gave me a chance to relieve myself from whatever stress university life had to throw at me. I was able to get away from it and play football with people who were there for exactly the same reason.

By Calum Sexton