My first year experiences with BCUSU

BCUSU Welcome Week 2018

My first year experiences with BCUSU

When I joined BCU, over a year ago, I immediately knew about my Students’ Union and got involved in Scratch Media Groups, for which I was a contributor for both SnapScratch (Photography) and The Scratch Magazine.
Scratch Media allowed me to go to a wide-range of events such as MCM ComicCon, Crufts and the Silverstone Classic to name but a few. I’m now the Sports Editor for The Scratch, so I’m mainly responsible for ensuring that I communicate with other Scratch Media Groups to work together to deliver the best possible sports content for online and print.

I have also been part of the Writing Society, and I am looking to join a sports society this year; not to compete, but to have a bit of fun and immerse myself in being a part of Team BCU. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but in first year, I had a lot going on, so it wasn’t possible to join a sports society.

If I had one bit of advice to say for the new BCU first years, it’s to join your Students’ Union societies as much as you can. What I’ve found with joining a society is to ensure not only that you enjoy it, but also actively to be involved in any events, whether daytime or night-time.

I didn’t go to any of the night-time events because I’m not a big fan of them, so I mostly stuck to the daytime ones. But I am looking to go to a few this year if given the chance. Definitely pick the events to go to at night, as you don’t want to end up the next day studying with a hangover. Not recommended!

Umar Hassan – Second Year Media and Communication (Journalism) student